I’m a mother, teacher, writer, seeker. I could tell you I started this blog to make a difference in the world–and it would be great if it does–but that’s not really why I started it. The truth is I began for two completely selfish reasons: sanity, history, and community. Shoot. That’s three.  But, technically, my sanity is not only about me. It’s a benefit for my family, friends, and students as well. So two-ish.

Because writing is good for my mental health, I’ve learned I need to write regularly. However, writing is hard and I’m usually too lazy to do it unless someone pays me. Why does it seem everything good for you is also difficult? Writing is just like exercising. It’s good for me and I need to do it even though I’d rather sit on the couch and eat chips. So I’m making myself write regularly by keeping a blog. If you’re reading this you’re helping me stay sane, so thanks.

I also wanted to keep a record of my evolution as a person—in a sense, to write the story of my own life. I used to do this all of the time. I was that girl in elementary school, high school, and college. Always writing in a journal. I don’t know why I stopped but I suspect it involves a husband, four kids, a house, a job, and books, among other possibilities.

Finally, and perhaps most pathetic-sounding, is that even though I have the greatest life ever, filled with totally awesome people, I tend toward existential loneliness. I wonder if anyone else out there is thinking about the same things I’m thinking about, feeling similar things, experiencing life like me. It seems unlikely there is anyone else this weird but maybe it’s possible. And then I’m curious about all of the people who see and think and feel things differently than I do. What would that be like? A blog seems like a good way to find out.

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