Dear Moma,

Thank you for bringing me into the world. For the physical act of birth, which is the most difficult thing I have ever done (and surely worse for you a generation earlier). Unspeakable love and joy paired with excruciating pain. That very first moment could be a metaphor for all of motherhood, couldn’t it.

I’ve always felt it but the older I become the more I realize what an honor it is to be your child.  Not only did you physically deliver me safe and healthy into the world–you brought me in spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as well. I have never met another mother who does that better than you. What I’ve seen is that few–precious few–do it near as well, even if they want to. It’s my daily hope and prayer to measure up with my own children though I often fall short.

But thank you for teaching me it’s okay to fall short. That what matters is to keep trying. Thank you for teaching me the world is beautiful. Click To Tweet That life is full and fun and worth it. For cultivating wonder. Thank you for also being honest with me about life’s difficulties. For having faith in me that I could do hard things.

Thank you for teaching me to think critically and trust my own mind. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for speaking me into being in so many ways, with your words of kindness and confidence and strength. Your unfailing belief in me translated into a belief  in myself. It’s a magic I perform on my kids because I  know how powerful it is, how transformative. In times when I am tested I refer back to who you’ve told  me I am–enough times that I believe you–that I am kind enough, smart enough, good enough. That Jesus is in my heart.

And that brings me to what I’m most grateful for, of all you’ve ever done or given. Thank you for teaching me God is love, and the most important thing is to love one another.

You are my hero. Happy birthday!


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