Yesterday as I was walking out the door on my way to meet friends for dinner, I received this picture from Harper, accompanied by the text, “Dad is such a stud.”

Harper sent this proclamation via a group text we Triple F-ers call “The Fam.” The fam began to blow up my phone.

Grace: Ahhhhhh! Yay Daddy!
Sophia Ford: Yay
Jim Ford: Way to go Stone!
Janie Ford: Congratulations! Sweet meat for the pot! (Yes, she actually said this.)
James Ford: Good job
I added my own “Whoo hoo!” and “Awesome!”
And I’m sure Heathcliff would have chimed in had Hunter not been in his usual command of her phone.

When I told my friends about this later it occurred to me how much Stone seemed like the child in this scenario, getting his first buck. And we were all the doting parents, starting with 15 year old Harper. He was at least as happy for his dad as he was for himself when he killed his first buck years ago.

We say it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe that’s true. But equally true is that we adults also need raising sometimes. We all need a village. Click To Tweet

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