Come as you are. As we all are. Imperfect, and beautiful. Pull up a chair. Sit with me awhile. Breathe. This is a place to celebrate life in all of its wildness and wonder. To be challenged and encouraged. To speak truth and hear it spoken. Let’s look out at the world together, and share what’s in our hearts. Let’s grow together. Everyone is welcome here.

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The Original Superprofessor

This is Paola. Dr. Paola Gemme. We met when she walked in the door of Witherspoon 108 to teach Immigrant Literature, a class I was in for my master’s. I thought she was fascinating with her impeccable style–she wore these amazing Italian clothes–and... read more

Monitor and Adjust

When I started the “Gratefulness Project” I had the rather grandiose idea I would write letters every day to express my gratitude. I wrote two. One to God and the other to my mother. The next thing I did was write about how I was grateful for my students,... read more

Grateful Girl

I’ve been on the dark side a little too much these past few months. Remember the Dung Beetle post? Well, it’s gone downhill from there. Heathcliff advised me after that one that I needed to write something positive. Notice I’ve not posted anything in several months.

As Micha Boyett reminds us that Benedict reminded her, “Always we begin again.” So today I’m beginning again, choosing the path of Grateful Girl instead of Anxiety Girl. Click To TweetWe’re going to call this new era on the blog the Gratefulness Project. Here’s my plan. For the next year I’m going to write letters expressing my gratitude and publish them here. I hope you’ll join me by commenting things for which you’re thankful or even write letters of your own. I know it sounds silly but that’s okay. It’s scientific—Dr. Warnick said so. And after writing about Dung Beetles, I figure I’ve got nothing to lose.

Here goes.

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The Lesson of the Dung Beetle

Those dudes were resourceful and hardworking. And they essentially had taken a pile of something nasty and cleaned it up. No huge, sweeping gesture, no dramatic production. They had just done what they could do. Rolling the mess into little balls and taking it away.

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Back to the Basics

There will be people I love who will read this blog and shake their heads and maybe be disappointed in me. That’s okay. I figure most people are doing about the best they can. Including me. I certainly don’t have all of the answers. I’ve written things in the past that make me shake my head now and I’m sure I may change my mind tomorrow about things I think today. I hope that’s growth. At least that’s what I choose to call it.

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Stay in Your Comfort Zone

That old mantra: get out of your comfort zone. And it occurred to him, what is so bad about staying in your comfort zone? A comfort zone actually sounds kind of nice. Is it possible we’ve been getting it wrong all along?

I thought that was pure genius.

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We’re All In This Together

I simply have to write about this cool thing that happened, because it’s one of those most beautiful kinds of stories that bring hope into the world. And if your committee meetings or Facebook feed or nightly news are anything like mine, you could use one of those stories.

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