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Jesus be near meIn her third devotional, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry guides readers on a 60- day journey that will deepen their faith, enrich their lives, and lead them into friendship with God. With a warm and friendly voice, Jesus, Be Near Me invites readers to draw closer to God and experience new depth and authenticity in their journey of faith. Honest and heartwarming stories from everyday life are combined with the lasting encouragement found only in the Word of God. These fresh expressions of spiritual truth speak to those who long for a connection with Jesus and the reality of His presence. Each entry includes a Scripture verse, a deeply personal devotional, a quotation that complements the message of the reading, and a heartfelt closing prayer.

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August 22, 2015


  1. Leonard L. Dean

    I read your devotion this morning, in Mornings with Jesus 2020, enjoyed it very much, it was also very good writing.
    I feel sure that you would have to be a born again Christian, to write like that, yet I saw on the internet that you were a democrat, which I will admit is none of my business, but on the other hand, how can you believe in a party that took god out of it’s platform?

    • Gwen

      Hi Leonard,
      Thank you for reading Mornings with Jesus and for reaching out to me. I’m not at all offended by your question, and I’ve answered it a great many times in the course of the last year while I was campaigning.
      I am a Christian and ran as a Democrat, though I’m more of an Independent philosophically. I like and despise some of the things both parties stand for.
      If you’ll allow me to explain by using the semantics you chose, I’d like to point out the way you asked the question, specifically, “how can you believe in a party that took God out of its platform?”
      First, I assume you know that although in 2012 the word “God” was removed, President Obama insisted that that the DNC put it back in, and they did. It now reads: “Democrats remain committed to ending poverty and enabling all Americans to live up to their God-given potential.” Also, although some left-wing Democrats personally choose to omit “under God” when saying the pledge, the DNC has not given any guidelines or indication of an intention to forbid the use of those words.
      The thing that bothers me about your question, however, is this phrase: “how can you believe in a party…?” To which I have to answer, “How can you?” Whether intentionally or not, the question reveals a perception I think is dangerous for any Christian, and that is the idea we believe in any party. We don’t serve a party. We serve God by loving people. Parties don’t save us. Jesus does. And parties don’t guide us. The Holy Spirit does. I don’t believe Jesus belongs to a political party, nor do I give my heart and mind to any human institution, including a political party (and also including a church). I’m not waving a party banner. I am my Beloved’s, and He is mine. His banner over me is love.
      Grace and peace to you and yours, Leonard.


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